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Love your bunnies with cuddling but don’t compromise their health and well-being. For this, you’re obliged to search ‘rabbit grooming near me.’ You will surely find Pawfection Pet Groomers – which is a professional, well-trained, and certified groomers’ spot to enhance your rabbits from hard creatures to extremely delicate.

Groomed to Perfection 🐇

When rabbit grooming comes, there is an immense need for special care. Because rabbits act as thick-skinned but from the skin to spine, they are actually soft and fragile. Therefore, you must choose well-managed rabbit grooming sessions. So seek the ‘best rabbit groomer near me’ online and land in Pawfection instantly.

Rabbits are fastidious groomers, and most insist on being clean and tidy. At our professional rabbit grooming salon, we understand the rabbit grooming needs of rabbits, from ears to paws. If you have long-haired rabbits, they must trim their overgrown hair. Having thick fur may welcome fleas and mites, so the Coat has to clean and combed regularly to get rid of any serious health issues.

In addition, from bathing to brushing, cleaning to trimming, your bunnies are obsessed with pampering and need to maintain health and well-being. And interestingly, you will find us to perform all these jobs well-profoundly.

Best Rabbit Grooming Service in London

Give Carrot Cut to Your Hare

Rabbit skin is so delicate and may create difficulty in cutting and rabbit grooming sessions due to the high susceptibility of cuts. It’s actually a professional’s task to handle the situation because mats can be cut off with scissors while poor handling.

At Pawfection, we use high-quality and essential rabbit grooming tools that really work perfectly with no harm to their fragile Coat and relaxing mood. Taking extra care of their fur, we usually use a fine blade than for cats and dogs to give a fine cut.

At times, rabbit skin may highlight bald patches and scratches. It may be a symptom of mites or an allergic reaction to fleas. Our certified vets can diagnose any medical conditions that occur in your rabbits, from open sores to chronic skin inflammation.

Shed the Coat to breathe more

Moreover, prone to self-tidiness, rabbits rub their skin and lick themselves like cats. This practice lets them get hairballs on ingesting too much hair. And unluckily, rabbits can’t vomit. So, to get rid of tangled hair and food stuck in their stomach, they need to brush regularly. Our pro pet groomers are available to provide multiple brushing sessions to shed the heavy Coat (when it’s necessary).

It’s Your Rabbit’s Time to Shine!

No doubt, rabbits are not hydrophilic. But to survive well in good health, bathing is somewhat necessary. Usually, they feel stressed on occasional bathing but being a rabbit owner, if you are unable to give them a good wash, switch to Pawfection and get the best solution for this.

We are well-equipped with all the essential tools that are enough to relax your bunnies in no time. A wet rabbit can quickly become hypothermic. So, we blow dry them until the undercoat is completely dry and fluffy.

Rabbits’ nails can grow to be very long and sharp, that cause uncomfortable for them. Moreover, they can also cause infections. So, to prevent infection, we trim their nails according to their specific breeds because some have light-coloured nails and some have dark-coloured.

Bunnies may have crooked teeth that may cause difficulty in eating, and such a continuous practice could starve them to death. No more worry about this. If your rabbits’ teeth are untreated, let us brush them and treat them well.

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Let Your Bunnies Look Fabulous

Unlike other pets, rabbits are more social and enjoy being around people. Therefore, they swiftly recognise their owners by sight and sound. But to reach such a level, it’s essential to groom them well. We take pride in offering rabbit grooming services for your bunny because we are eager to make them fabulous.

Whether your rabbit’s feet have to groom with good care and resting pads to prevent toe injury and infection or need a shave around the hindquarters to prevent urinary infection, we’ve covered all at our rabbit grooming salon. We use high-standard products and tools to groom your bunny’s sensitive areas too. Even to remove ear wax from the rabbit ears, we use ear cleaners apart from cotton swabs.

What’s left more? From head hump to toenails, we give 100% assurance to grant your hares a neat and clean appearance with no health issues or medical symptoms. Our expert vets and groomers can do their job efficiently so that you take back a clean and well-groomed rabbit with robust health and well-being.

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